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Vessel 33

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Vessel 33
Vessel 33 Bio:

Vessel 33 is Benjamin Hatch ( vocals, production, programming, guitars ) and Jeff Suburu ( guitars, additional programming ). January 2011 the two teamed up to create their debut album “Revive” ( released 11.11.11 ) which they wrote, recorded, and mixed in Hatch’s home studio in La Crescenta, Ca. “Revive” was created out of the challenge to make heavy progressive music with catchy, memorable melodies. After demoing close to 30 tunes the team focused in on crafting the twelve song album in sequence from Track 1 ( Burning Alive ) to Track 12 ( Evening of the Seventh ). With the help of a few close friends: Jeremy Pennick ( Depswa ), Jon Kooren, and Joe Bozzi ( Bernie Grundman Mastering ) the album was completed in less than 9 months as well as shooting the video for “Revive” with Riz Story ( Anyone, Togetherment Productions ). Vessel 33 will be releasing another 5 song EP which will be remixed versions of selected tracks from “Revive” titled “Mitosis” in the styles of House and Dub/Step ( release date is set for 1.15.12 ), as well as working on their follow up full-length to be released in the summer of 2012. Vessel 33 is currently operating with no management or label and will continue to write music for the purpose of writing interesting, melodic music for the masses.

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