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A Certain Type of Person

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A Certain Type of Person
A Certain Type of Person Bio:

A Certain Type of Person is the musical creation of three long-time friends, who brought their diverse musical tastes together to create a worthy variation on the music that preceded them.

"With new bands forever seeking to emerge from shadowed obscurity, it can be very easy to simply take your place on the latest bandwagon, don the uniform and pay to play. Altogether more refreshing seem to be those groups that juxtapose themselves with a trend and offer a choice of subversion; enter A Certain Type Of Person"
Dave Hardwick. Soul Shine Magazine

The band was formed during the summer of 2004 within Barnsley, South Yorkshire where they began writing a variety of songs ranging from ambient pop to indie-rock 'n' roll. As well as being compared to fellow northerners I Am Kloot, more colourful descriptions have also emerged

A Certain Type of Person is actually the offspring of

Adam Myers, 25
Russell Calverley, 21
Rob Lewchenko, 21

who initially came together to work on a collection of songs that Adam had written within the previous year. What was initially intended to be a one off collaboration ended up as the bands first, self-titled EP "A Certain Type of Person".

After receiving highly positive comments on the songs, a live set-up was rehearsed throughout the winter which brought about the bands first live appearance at the renowned Adelphi Club in Hull.

"Yorkshire-based A Certain Type of Person look and play like a certain type of band - one that's been on the circuit for yearsat this early stage the trio show a certain type of promise. Remember the name."
Martin Dickie, Hullfire Magazine

Between February and June 2005 A Certain Type of Person recorded their second EP "The Great Bishop Robbery", which saw the band expand to include drums, and female backing vocals - provided on three of the tracks by Danielle Maibaum. In order to reflect the sound of the new EP through the live set-up - an organist (Dave Allatt), a percussionist (Lee Short) and a female backing singer (Hayley Youell) have since been enlisted to compliment the live performances.

Since the bands formation they have started to generate a genuine following for their live sets which have also accumulated a healthy pile of positive reviews. They have achieved airplay on a number of local and university radio stations, and sold dozens of EP's, many over the internet to as far away places as the USA.

As rehearsals of the six-member line-up continue, A Certain Type of Person aim to conclude 2005 and start 2006 by building a larger following throughout the UK by performing more and more gigs as the year progresses.

New songs are already surfacing for the bands, as yet untitled, third EP.

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Another new song from our most recent EP - this one showcases the vocal talents of "Danielle Maibaum"... tear and share it.    

"Calling Out Your Name" » Indie 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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A new song from our recently donned uniform "The Great Bishop Robbery"... Let us know what you think, and feel free to visit our homepage at    

"First In, Last Out" » Indie 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This is the fourth, slightly more upbeat offering from our debut E.P. - Hope you enjoy!