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. . . Or the Dog Gets It.

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. . . Or the Dog Gets It.
. . . Or the Dog Gets It. Bio:

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"Or the Dog Gets It." started with 5 Musicians on a cruise around the world. Having been co-workers for the past year we had been aware of each others talents, but had never gotten together to play. Once we were on a ship together sailing across the Pacific "Or the Dog Gets It." took advantage of the time to put a few songs together and decided that we were going to make a record. Now that we are back from the company cruise we are putting the finishing touches on the record so listen to it, Or the Dog Gets It! We also have a few live shows coming up in San Deigo area so keep an eye out for when we come to a venue near you, Or (you know) the Dog Gets It!

Bill -
Born 1984, on Clark AFB in the Philippines to Bill and Leslie Sine, he immigrated to the United States soon after. He began playing the guitar when he was 15 years old, and met Tim in 2006, Mark and Jake in 2009, and Derek in 2011.

Mark -
Born 1987, in Pueblo, Colorado to Tom and Roseann Holden, He began playing guitar when he was 19 years old and Bass when the band was formed in 2011. He Met Tim, Bill, and Jake in 2009, and Derek in 2011.

Jake -
Born and Raised in Eugene, Oregon where there isn't much to do other than rock out, he began his career as a musician early. Devoting his early life to the bass guitar he soon realized that there is no substitute for those sweet and tasty lead riffs. Watch out, He'll melt your face.

Tim -
Born in the early 19th century, Tim was born before accurate records were kept for middle names so his entire life he grew up without one. Upon discovering the ability to legally change his name he decided that the only appropriate name could be Danger. So there, his name is Danger. No kidding.

Derek -
Born 1990, He began playing the drums apparently while still in the womb. He met Tim, Mark, Bill, and Jake in 2011 while on the company cruise. If you can ever get him on the phone, tell him practice is at 7.