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Day James

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Day James
Day James Bio:

Day James got his start in a "grungepop" band called Labelmaker back in 1997. With bandmate Nick S., the two of them took Labelmaker above and beyond what they ever expected it to be, after starting out as a guitar/bass duo in Nick's loft.

Labelmaker went through many incarnations between '97 and 2001, and Day James' style went through many changes during that time. Eventually, Labelmaker had become a semi-successful group called Broken Culture and Day called it quits to pursue other goals, taking a short break from music altogether. In 2002, Day and Nick paired up again in a studio for a short-lived band they called New Roman.

Finally, the pair split and Day has been performing solo with his acoustic guitar since then.

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Anti-Bush hymn    

"The Wind in the Gallows" » Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Irish jig-inspired