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Dragonfly Dying

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Dragonfly Dying
Dragonfly Dying Bio:


Dragonfly Dying is a project consisting of two people with a passion for creating music. Writing music has always been a spiritual evolution for both members. Symbolic and relatable lyrics are of strong importance. Click "news" section for homepage info and pictures.

"We both strongly believe in symbolic meanings. The dragonfly represents the transcending of time, living through change and the continual recognition of Self. The "dying" in our name represents the dying off of the old and the coming in of the new or "now". There is only now. The past is merely the representation and the individual translation of what we thought happened. Let's all live in the present tense. Please check out our site and site for pictures! Thanks so much for listening and for your support."

---Jason Citrano of Dragonfly Dying

"Rohk ohn!"

---Kristen DiPaolo of Dragonfly Dying

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This song is about finding hope when life seems like a dark road. Sometimes it's hard to realize that an ending brings a new beginning. It's amazing what you find when you reach beneath the surface.    

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A soldier finally comes home after many perils on the battlefield. Uplifting and haunting. With dedication to all of our soldiers who have gone before, who have placed their lives on the line and have paved the path of light and freedom for us all. You are not forgotten. Written and performed by Jason Citrano of Dragonfly Dying.