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Keshco Bio:

Hello there! Keshco is a London-based trio who home-record music in many forms, spiky folk to wooshy electro and brooding gothpop to dreamy soundscapes. Their lyrics are often witty and heartfelt, sometimes just plain absurd.

Andrew and Robert and Luke all write and sing and pluck strings and press keys and slap skins. Come to their homepage to learn more, nibble on a few mp3s, describe your favourite flowers.

Keshco have been tinkering together since 1994. They have provided music for short films, and made many quirky promo videos. Keshco's live shows feature projections, props and petting. Ask them to come and play near you! Several albums are available, the most recent being 2009's "Deforestation of Dak", and there are many recent free EPs released through netlabels WM Recordings and 23 Seconds under Creative Commons licensing. Buck up, it's a must, folks!

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Click here to stream HiFi Antidotes Keshco - "Antidotes" - Experimental
Click here to stream HiFi Long Walk Strategies Keshco - "Long Walk Strategies" - Indie
Click here to stream HiFi Halloween Keshco - "Halloween" - Pop Rock