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Young Blood

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Young Blood
Young Blood Bio:

Jamie Hardman, more known as Young Blood was born at Victoria Hospital in 1992, comes from and lives in Layton which is based in the middle of Blackpool. Living with nothing, with no money
At the age of 16 the death of his Gandad hit him hard as well as other emotional matters such as bad depreshion and suacidal attempts, it was a very emotional time, sat in class his music teacher asked " what music do you like " which happened to be Rap / Hip Hop at the time, as Young Blood was always the kid that followed fashion, and the teacher said " why dont you try writing lyrics ", thats were the dream started..
After writing his 1st song he then went on the perform it on the last day of term at his school which turned out to be a great success.
The respect and the constant comments on his music with people all around blackpool having his video recording on there phone pushed Young Blood to better himself, He then started going to a recording studio around his area called Vox Box recording a mixtape for personal use.
After a while of recording songs he started then using internet based websites suck as You Tube, Myspace etc to promote music on.
As time went on Young Blood started progressin in music and slowly started to gain a Fan base with people all around the Uk haiving his songs on there phone.
After recording over beats he found on the internet he came across a producer that goes by the name of Basstekk, and both together worked on His 1st debute single called ' All Alone ' followed by a music video off mur tv which was a internet based promotion team in Manchester, which also was a huge Hittt, gaining many many fans people started looking up to Young Blood as a rolemodel due to the fact he writes about how he feels and people can easly relate to the music.
Young Blood used to be in a Blackpool based independant record label called Famous & Fly, but as he got left out of everything and felt used he later on left that label and within time joined a London based independant record label ' Get That Gwop Ent ' which is leasing His 1st Ep In september with beats made by Basstekk.
Young Blood has done many many performances around his town and always made a good impreshion and left people talking.
Now aged 19 with a number of songs and music videos on youtube Young Blood has a large fan base and is always getting collaberations, record labels wanting him in songs, fans always on his tale wanting new stuff, Young Blood is now looking at a succsessful future ahead of him.

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This Was My 1st Official Single    

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3rd single i bought out, HD Music Video Out Sunday