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Centervoid Bio:

Centervoid formed in early 2008 as the result of jam sessions between Kane and Grey "H" Johnstone. At the time, it was nothing serious -- much like their playing for tips back in high school. Calling themselves "Harmonius Dyschord," they would not get serious about music until late that year, after seeing a local band open (whom we shall not name here) for Sonata Arctica. It was then they decided to pursue music as a career, if for no other reason than to offer an alternative to that horrid mess.

In November of that year, they added Joey Ford to the lineup as bassist, with H on lead guitar and Kane on vocals. Due to personal reasons, Joey would have to leave the band in September 2009.

It was around that time that Kane was introduced to Jason Anders through a mutual friend at his day job, and Jason stepped in as an adviser. They would bring Jon "Fluffy" Smith in on bass, and H took over drums in studio while they searched for a more permanent solution.

Changing their name to "Centervoid," they began work on the "What Happened to My Music?" 4-song Demo. Halfway through the recording, Fluffy was forced to leave the band when his family moved to New York. Jason auditioned to replace him, and finished the bass work on the demo.

Still searching for a permanent drummer, Jason introduced a high school friend, Daryl, to the band shortly after the demo dropped. Things were looking bright for Centervoid, and they started planning a show for New Years Eve, 2010. Unfortunately, due to Daryl's grueling work schedule and issues in his personal life, he was forced to step down one month prior to the show. Not wanting to call it off, the band started looking for another drummer.

Introduced through sheer fate, Randy was referred to H by a gas station attendant, auditioned 3 weeks prior to the show, and had all of the material down in one 2-hour session. Following their New Year's Eve show, they joined the public gigging circuit and have been gaining popularity since.

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