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Noctisdark Bio:

Dani and Alex found Noctisdark in 1999 in Alcanar (Catalonia, Spain). As a musical project, Noctisdark expected to free some vital interests that their other band Ignis Aeterni didn’t satisfied. So, with those two parallel projects they could cover a great range of styles in metal.

Ignis Aeterni had a defined style yet, but Noctisdark began to experiment with different styles and tendencies. At first, they began to work in two differentiated themes: the astral one, influenced the band Samael and their ‘passage’, and the vampirical one, influenced by bands such Cradle of Filth (think that it was on the end of nineties, remember the Cradle of Fear boom.)

With the two lines in the style of music and some covers, Noctisdark began to play shows, but always as a secondary project of Ignis Aeterni. The only remains of that time is a self-made demo called ‘cosmagony’ but there was so few copies that it can’t be considered serious.

In 2002, Alex and Dani began to give more importance to the Noctisdark project and to work with a more personal style due to the years of experimentation. In that year, the first sketches of what will become their fisrt serious work ‘the four songs…’ are composed. Thie new style has a very different sound compared to the predecessor stuff, and it is not so influenced by other bands as before.
Two years after, in 2004, Noctisdark style was enterely defined yet. It can be defined in many ways, but if we must put it a label, we can say it’s a mixture of doom and death metal with keyboard atmospheres.

In 2006-2007 the first official MCD (auto produced) is recorded and in autumn of 2007 ‘the four songs…’ MCD is released.
In 2010 Albert was recruited, then came Hyban from Hyban Draco. They began to work hard on a new Demo which will be called ‘The Roots Of Dreamers’ in order to promote the band. In 2011 the promoCD is released
Nowadays, Noctisdark is preparing new stuff for a long duration CD.

Noctisdark line up 2011:
Dani: vocals, guitars
Alex: bass
Albert: drums
Hyban: guitars

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