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Natasha Morrison

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Natasha Morrison
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Genres: Alternative / folk / Easy Listening
Label: none at present
Artist Bio

Hi there, I am Natasha. I've been playing around with the guitar since I was a wee lassie, and composed my first song when I was 8. I love to perform to an audience that wants to listen to what I have to say.

I'm originally from Scotland... a true scot, and I'm now living in Kent. I'm loving the music scene and chilled out jam sessions on the beach, and it's so welcoming anyone can join in!

The reason I am here is because I enjoy brightening peoples day with a catchy tune, and take it as a huge compliment when I can see them tapping a foot - or just generally enjoying what I love to do. Music is what keeps me going and keeps me enthusiastic and focused.

I really like to influence peoples lives with my sound. I find sometimes music will reach people in ways that words will never be able to come close to.

Please feel free to share constructive criticism! I actually enjoy it! I want honesty from people who DONT know me, my history or what I'm about.

Any feedback or advice on how to get myself heard, possibly signed, would be very much appreciated. Thanks for listening :) x

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