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A Vision In Grey

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A Vision In Grey
A Vision In Grey Bio:

“A Vision In Grey [has] amazing energy. This young and talented post hardcore style group will definitely mature into a kick*** band to be reckoned with.” -DL, Rock 97.9 KNRQ.
A Vision In Grey has a passion for heavy, driven music. Kendal Adams’ vocals for AVIG provide great variety. From a low intense growl to his high, passionate scream balanced and blended perfectly with a clean singing voice, embodying all the emotions of the positive and genuine messages from this faith based band from Eugene OR. His energy onstage will undoubtedly get people moving.
Songs like Digging to Fly highlight Michelle Randles vocals, providing the perfect balance to Kendal’s. She electrifies the stage with a kind of reckless abandon that inspires all who see and hear her to do the same. When not on the microphone Michelle utilizes her amazing talent for finding and exploiting that perfect melody, artfully employing the keys or flute providing the backbone for the melodies that AVIG is destined to be known for.
Guitarist Jason Randles has the ability to merge lead riffs and rhythm to construct a song that gets people on their feet. The movement and dynamics of his compositions will undoubtedly draw people in to the music. Songs like Johnny Quest, which has a bit of a folk twist and features Michelle on vocals, highlight how Jason experiments with chord progressions, seeking out enthralling combinations of sounds that demand the listener's attention.
Drummer Josiah Plueard has been in and out of bands since he was 17. Prior to joining A Vision In Grey, Josiah toured the US with Returning Grace and played alongside the likes of Sanctus Real, Shawn Mcdonald and Fireflight. A Vision In Grey is Josiah’s first foray into heavy music and he’s picking it up with uncanny skill. His natural talent and meticulous drive has been his springboard into a more aggressive drum style than he’s ever attempted and he says now there’s no going back! The other guys in the band are proud to claim a country to hard rock convert in Josiah.
Newest member Rex Sollars rounds out the low-end on bass. Rex has a great passion for… everything, actually. Wherever he is you know he’s just happy to be there and his infectious personality will make it impossible for you not to be happy too. Rex has been writing music for about 3 years and although bass is somewhat of a new venture for him, it’s clear his natural ability and musical prowess will serve him very well in this journey. The way Rex moves onstage is contagious so be ready to jump, stomp, mosh, thrash and dance right alongside him when he and A Vision In Grey take the stage.
Within their first year as a band they have been working their way up the ladder of the northwest music scene. Their first EP came out in Feb. 2010 and they are now ready to release an all new EP that promises to be very upbeat yet very melodic and will bring an all new definition to hardcore. The second, all new EP came out in Feb. 2011. This band is going to rock the northwest and will bring the most energetic shows with them wherever they go. Keep a look out for A Vision In Grey.