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Shoresh Bio:

Up until now Shoresh has been known mainly from behind the music stage. Now at 35, having 4 children and “settled down”, he delivers an uncut and personal yet very inviting guided tour into his puzzled mind. This Black Box is a fascinating journey, clean from any pretension, presenting the unsolved turmoil in ones mind living in this era. If you give it a real chance (putting aside the 21st century sarcasm), you will soon find yourself on a magical trip feeling the music from inside rather than hearing it from the outside. Sit back, buckle up (there might be some turbulence) and enjoy the flight! If you wanna get off in the middle, you will find a parachute under your sit (where you will also find some used gum). In case we crash, this "Black Box" will show what went wrong! Hopefully someday, someone will be able to figure it out.... Enjoy...
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new Shoresh - PINK BOX blog posted: 11 Mar 2011 08:37 PM