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Temper The Wolves

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Temper The Wolves
Temper The Wolves Bio:

Back when the first signs of intelligent life arrived on planet Earth, a very special seed was constructed within the earth's coreā€¦
Throughout the ages, many changes took place up on the surface, however the seed remained deep underground, never sprouting, never making a sound, until late in 2010.
A worldwide phenomenon was taking place and it was in the name of Temper The Wolves. A noise-making machine with a five-man crew on a mission from a far-off world.
Officials have received what is said to be a series of special codes which can be translated into musical language. What the mission states... has yet to be deciphered.
All that officials are willing to say, at this moment in time, is to stay indoors and keep your ears glued to your radios... until further notice.

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