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Sage Eridani

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Sage Eridani
Sage Eridani Bio:

Sage Eridani began producing music for other artists, then he began creating and writing music for himself. In 2009, he created The Black Moth Project, and became the lead singer and writer. The Black Moth Project released 2 albums, however, the band called it quits just before production on their 3rd album. Sage Eridani has continued on and will release his debut album in 2011, titled "HEART OF A LION".

BLOG#2 posted: 27 Oct 2010 02:14 PM   » NEWS
Hellooooooo It is late at night and I can't sleep. So I decide to fill you in on what's new! The new album is going great! I'm currently having live sessions almost everyday! The new songs include NIGHT SKY, GOLDEN SUNLIGHT, DOESN'T EVEN MATTER, FACE, PSYCHO, and a couple more! I'm practicing these new songs and getting ready for recording sessions. I really hope you like the new music and the new sound. I'm working very hard and practicing these new songs correctly and improving my vocals. Can't wait to let you hear the new material! Feel free to leave me a comment, I will happily respond! - Sage Eridani Follow me on Twitter because I need more followers! I post news and things in personal life. Visit my YouTube page for more info as well and don't forget to subsribe to receive news on upcoming video projects! Visit Jamendo to download my new music and for news on upcoming shows! (keyword: sage eridani)

BLOG#1 posted: 27 Oct 2010 02:12 PM   » NEWS
HELLO EVERYONE!!! Recently the Black Moth Project has called it quits and the lead singer Sage has continued on with solo work. "I thank you for following the Black Moth Project and for your support. If you would like to move on with me and allow my work to fill your brains then please check back for more info coming soon!" Peace&Love S.E