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Wavelength Bio:

"Wavelength takes you on a journey through mood enhancing trance and ambient soundscapes..."

Wavelength is the Trance and Ambient project of Melbourne based producer John Clark.

John's music draws on elements from many different genres including classical, eastern and synth-pop and combines them with club rhythms, analogue electronica and ethereal atmospheres to create "ambience with attitude"...

After a year of classical training in the late 80's, John became intrigued by the possibilities of synthesized sound and has been composing electronic music ever since.

Drawn to the UK's eclectic music scene, John moved to London in 1993 and was soon inspired to begin serious development of the Wavelength project - culminating in releases on London's "Rumour Records" label and four self-produced albums.

John's particular style evolved over many years. Originally inspired by synth pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schultze and Edgar Froese, John's music has been heavily influenced by over 8 years of exposure to the London club scene and its varied dance music styles.

As well as two releases on Rumour Records compilations, alongside prominent trance artists such as Astral Projection and Astralasia, John has been remixed by English Top 10 artists "Digital Blondes" and has had success in TV jingle writing.

Since returning to Australia John has produced Wavelength album number five and is currently working on the sixth as well as putting together a remixed compilation of selected works.

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A psychedelic sojourn describing the conception and evolution of human life through ambient melodies and ethereal effects. Taken from the album "Science + Nature"