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Eric Lazar

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Eric Lazar
Eric Lazar Bio:

Eric Lazar is a guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Northern California. He is a Musicians Institute graduate, a guitar teacher and a former student at the Conservatory of Music at the University of The Pacific. After being in many Northern California bands over a 20 year period, he is now recording and performing his own original material. Eric's influences include Americana, Roots music, traditional Blues, traditional Country, traditional Bluegrass and most Classic/Rock, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Black Crowes, The Band, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Allman Brothers, Santana, etc. His bands have included Xenogenic, The Mere Mortals, The New Natives, Fatcat, Oakbottom, Lightning Hand and Homegrown Sounds. He has been a part of at least 8 studio albums, including his own "FATCAT" CD, Homegrown Sounds "Beat The Devil Around The Stump" and Lightning Hand's "Almost To Nowhere".
Eric is currently performing with HOMEGROWN SOUNDS, a 3 piece acoustic band from Sacramento.

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