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Cold Steel Blizzard

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Cold Steel Blizzard
Cold Steel Blizzard Bio:

a lonely misfit saught love wherever he could find it.
the women of his home town spurned him so he found exotic love further afield and followed it wherever it went.
after years of heartbreak and homesickness the misfit went to live in London where misfits fitted and to which everything in the world was eventually drawn.
ironically the love that finally found him was from his own country, his home town, his childhood.
they wed, but London life ate away at the soul of the woman who in turn started to eat away at the soul of the misfit.
cars, houses, love, career nor children could sate the void in the woman's life and her increasing demands made the misfit a shell, the puppet of his new family, a drone.
when one becomes so tied down that any attempt to get free would uproot and damage the lives of others there is no direction in which to escape except inward.
it is in my dreams that I truly come alive.
it is in music that my dreams have expression.
here I am free

"Denial of Death (solo mix)" » Experimental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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on a psychological pilgrimage to Foundry in Shoreditch the misfit seeks a portal to the artistic inner sanctum but all doors may now be out of reach... or maybe the sanctum itself is an illusion? for a slim chance to find out what's really going on the misfit must risk losing everything he loves and destroying the lives of the only people who really need him or else retreat back into the dreamworld forever    

"Nites + Daze (work in progress mix #4)" » Experimental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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some time after midnight. having failed in his mission to penetrate the inner sanctum the misfit wanders disconsolate through the grimy, rain-lashed back streets of Shoreditch pursued everywhere by the thumping of music, the sounds of a joyously beautiful and carefree youth that he had never known and taunted by street art packing more cultural capital on one garishly-lit brick wall than he could hope to posess...