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Hope Held High

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Hope Held High
Hope Held High Bio:

Were 17-year-old brothers making music and releasing our passion in the only way we know how. All we really have for you is a promise, we can’t promise you’ll like what hear, but the promise to you is that what you hear is music; a passion, love, life, loss, chancing what you can't have, based on true stories, this is letting go of what you lost, this is standing to conquer, this is shouting everything

you couldn’t say, this is clutching hope because it’s the last characteristic of individuality you have, this is what your deepest dreams envisioned, this is pursuing the last truth you hold dear; this is a promise, a passion, love, life, this is what we've all been though, this is all we have, this is all we want to do, this is us.
This is Hope Held High,
This is Setting Sail on a New Horizon.