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Last Hour Battle

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Last Hour Battle
Last Hour Battle Bio:

"Last Hour Battle" started as a project to have emotion and experience recorded as an audio journal. The initial recording, titled "Lead His Beloved" took about 6 months to create and was recorded in various places from hotel rooms to bedrooms and anything in between. The 6 months came and went rather quickly and with a nearly completed group of ideas, Nick took a copy to a few fellow musicians from his church to seek a backing bad for it's release. Within a month "Lead His Beloved", the full band, was formed and working on new material.

In full practice mode and with a few months of writing and getting to know each other under their belts "LHB" stepped out into the world and started putting their music on a test run basis. Playing local hot spots and working up a slight buzz was just the beginning for the four piece because they quickly put together a home made 2 song sampler of their first 2 songs and had handed out over a few hundred copies in just a few months.

Feeling confident they were on to something, newly renamed "Last Hour Battle", needed to get the rest of the songs recorded. Over the next 2 years they traveled down a very obstacle laden path that bounced them from recording with a friend, to their own home studio and ending their sessions at "M Sound" studios in Philadelphia. They were all more than ready to get back to the grind and start performing the music live again so they blew out of the gates with a fire in their eyes! The new cd and plan to make a huge splash in the Philly area was just part of their ammunition. Their live show is what truly finished off the crowd and brought them home as new friends after every gig. Driven with this passion to perform, and working through a slew of personal interruptions that affected the lives of all involved. This hard rock quartet had very successful shows all through out the tri-state area and had a taste of the lime light when they were awarded a headlining show at the Trocadero in front of almost 1,000 people. This show consisted of 8 bands from all over the sonic spectrum and fans that ranged from eight to eighty years old. Close to one third of the patrons that evening were there for "Last Hour Battle" and by the time the night was out, the "LHB" camp had gained the respect of everyone in the venue. Unfortunately ,this would ultimately be the demise of most of the founding members and the re-birth of"Last Hour Battle"

Ending more than 2 years of ups and downs on such a note almost seems like death, however the results point to life. Shortly after the Trocadero show they, and a new rhythm guitarist, ventured back into M Sound studios to record a new single called "Fairy Tale Contender" which was to be the start to a new "LHB" campaign. After the recording, the band played a few new shows and had disbanded by the end of March 2010. Almost seeming like things were back to square one for Nick, the band at this point was now a potential bRand and with this in mind the new era had begun...

Two more songs were recorded by Nick and a few long time friends at "Heist 22" studios to complete the new three song ep, "The Bitter Truth". It shows that the "LHB" sound is well on it's way and that there is true hope and meaning to come from each song. Consisting of songs like "Bitter truth" that shares of a self deprecating story and lack of hope in which many of us can relate. "To the Sky" follows it up nicely because it takes that energy and turns it into a monstrous force. The song is a true anthem for never giving up and it offers you a glance inside your very own potential. "Fairy Tale Contender" ends "The Bitter Truth" ep with a feeling of contentment. This is a true love song that isn't about regret, hatred, or even hostility. It's about an honest look at a moment in life where we've all felt love and watched that love disappear into the late night air.

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