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Strike the Sun

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Strike the Sun
Strike the Sun Bio:

Formed some time in mid 2003 by Mike Boring, Jeremy Griffith (formerly of Loop 13), and Brad Smith (formerly of EndItAll), Strike the Sun was formulated to be more than the average band. With killer guitar, dancing basslines, and unbelievable drums the formula was set. After recruiting James Cearnal on vocals in March of 2004 the lineup has been completed. Although the band is just beginning and has just recently taken shape, you can be sure to bet you will hear a lot from us, and soon. Strike the Sun thrives on sounds that find home in the middle grounds of rock and metal. We are not out to sell an image that commands abandonment of the spirit and heart that goes into the creation of our songs. We are here simply to play some good music.

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This is a hard hitting, yet melodic, track off of our demo.

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