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Resplendent Bio:

Resplendent is John and Kat. We are a brother and sister band making music in the south-eastern United States. We have always been close to each other, and have always shared a love of music. We have always influenced each others music preferences and have shared a taste for similar artists. Music became the most popular subject between us as we started to go to different shows together, seeing a variety of bands. When Kat picked up an acoustic guitar and started learning how to play, John was very supportive, and pretty soon he learned bass. We started playing together whenever we could and now some time later; here we are. We're just starting out, but we're having a lot of fun and can't wait to really get this going.

Currently, Resplendent is in the writing and recording process. We have a good number of songs written, and are gonna try to get an EP out soonish. More music will be up here for your listening pleasure very soon, so stay tuned! We can't wait to share our passion with you.