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Eric Ness

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Eric Ness
Eric Ness Bio:

Eric Ness is a norwegian pop/jazz artist residing in London. Having released his first EP in November 2009, his self-proclaimed "Glam-Jazz" is introduced to the world. Eric Ness' sound combines 1930's Jazz with Modern Pop. His message is "Make love, not war"... but in an incredibly ingenious way. The First Eric Ness appearance took place in Camden Town, London in the year of 2008. Having had a busy gig schedule ever since, Eric and his band continues to "wow" the audience with great success. His inspiration includes artists such as Django Reinhardt, The Beach Boys and Tom Waits, to mention a few. Eric has received impressive live-reviews and articles in various newspapers in both Norway and in the UK. About the latest EP, says "Melodically and lyrically, he’s unique, ballsy; as a songwriter he’s infinitely more interesting..." Eric Ness has been introduced to London audiences in venues such as Barfly, Proud Galleries, Hoxton Underbelly and 93 Feet East...etcetcetc.

Peace and Love xx

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