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La Revuelta

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La Revuelta
La Revuelta Bio:

La Revuelta is the group with more recognition performing marimba music in Bogotá. The ensemble integrates the traditional marimba de chonta format from the Colombian Pacific Coast, (marimba, drums and voices) and sonorities like that of the clarinet, electric bass, guitar, drum set, plus electronic sequences, presenting a project that tastes like jungle as much as city.

With 6 years of trajectory, it has received several recognitions from the press and national festivals such as being reviewed as one of the 5 best Colombian groups from 2007, or ranking its first CD "Agua" as the third best discographic production among the best 10 Colombian CDs in 2007, or in the Festival of music from the Pacific Coast "Petronio Alvarez" where it has received in three consecutive years, honor mention, and prizes as second and third best band in the free-format category.

La Revuelta participated between April and May 2008 in the World Music Festival, Ollin Kan and the cultures in resistance (México City), where it generated a great attention among the public.

Contact: Juan David Castaño
cell phone +57 312 463 65 23

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