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B Magic

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B Magic
B Magic Bio:

My name is “B Magic”, at an early age of 8 years old I fell in love with Rap and every since then I have been rapping, now at the age of 22 years old I’m in the prime of my career in this Rap game and will go toe to toe with the very best you can offer. I was born on the West Side of St. Louis and between the ages of 6-15 I grew up mostly in University City, MO a small city on the outskirts of St. Louis, now I’m presently living back on the West Side.

I grew up kind of rough and I had to grow up real fast. The only role model I had in my life was killed in 2002, he was my uncle. My uncle kept the family together, that made me want to do the same. I grew up around gangs my whole life, which made it easier for me to fall into that lifestyle myself. This life has led to me being shot at and carrying guns for my own protection. The life I lead and live helps me vent my aggression through Rap music, I guess you can call me a street poet, or a ghetto reporter. I rap about what I see and what I lived, don't get me wrong I can give you that party flavor music and dedicate a few to the ladies also. I learned in this business you have to be versatile to have longevity and thats what I plan to do.

I’m a performer along with being a ghost writer for acts throughout St. Louis, MO. My style varies from club, crunk, house and hard-core. I've done music with some of the most popular local artist in St. Louis, along with two major recording acts in the area, “Ludy” of Asylum Records and “Da Banggaz” of Atlantic Records. I’ve had the pleasure of having to of my songs “Kool with it” and “I’m Clean” feat. Ludy played on 104.1, a local radio station in St. Louis on “STL. Home Jams” a radio segment dedicated to local artist to showcase there talent.

St. Louis now has this thing on were it is separated into the “New St. Louis” and the “Old St. Louis”, I’m not falling into that hype, I believe only in the “Real St. Louis”. Once I become a major factor in the music industry I’m not just only looking to take the title “King of St. Louis” but to become “The Midwest King”.