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Ratoi Catalin

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Ratoi Catalin
Ratoi Catalin Bio:

I was born in a Romanian town called Baia Mare, on the north-west of the country. I was guided by my parents to the primary music school where I studied the classical piano. On the primary school I had some good results but on the high school, I switched to composition and music theory. For some reasons I didnt joined the Music University and I switched again my carrier to the Economic University. While I studied on the University, I had a very strong musical activity with a lot of rock bands and pop music bands. I was suddenly in love with the progressive rock which became my main influence. It comes into my mind one of my dearest bands, actually my first progressive metal band called Michelangelo. You can hear this band on .

After finishing the University I tried to act as a studio musician for 2 years. I had a wonderful cooperation with a lot of Romanian artists, rock bands and blues bands. I even produced some club/dancing albums. After 2 years, it happened the last big switch of my carrier when I left the studio and I joined the biggest Romanian shipyard as an economist. With the help of God Ive accomplished great things with my family, and now I have 2 beautiful daughters. I was promoted after 3 years as assistant manager and now Im a team leader of "Procurement Department" on Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries shipyard. However I didnt left my musical site apart and I continued to play the piano. I gathered a lot of new and old ideas and I produced a piano album called "Pictures of life". I also tried to approach an original style which I liked to call "progressive new age piano". I hope you will enjoy it.

"These are hard times" » Instrumental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Sad and mysterious song, about the times we living, about we forgetting about us and our souls.    

"Usual day" » Instrumental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Our daily tasks, with ups and downs, with joy and rage, with suffer and pleasure, with simple things and complicated people. That is one of our usual day. This song contains many moods as one of our usual day.