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we are a band called DepthCharge. Myself (Ali-23) the bassist, Arran (20) the Guitarist and Alex (18 ) the Drummer. We are a progressive band who write instrumental material. this basically came about after spending ages looking for a vocalist....not finding one and finding that we wrote lots of material which we found held its own. our influences consist of dream theater, opeth, mudvayne, rush, megadeath and other bands. we like the progressive element of music very much. on our bebo page ( there is some of our material. 2 of the recordings are rubbish though lol sorry. but itll give you the idea. we have a lot of serious plans for the bands future...which include moving to scandanavia (probably sweden). we are vey driven as a band and are currently begining to record the new material aswell as re record the old so that we can get our demo sent to everyone we can by the summer of this year....maybe earlier.

we are looking for a keys player who really likes to experiment, push there ability to write aswell as play and grow with the rest of the band. the kinda person who has an idea, lays it down and then plays with it a bit until it works for them.

up until now, we have written our material and recorded some of it but there has always been a creative space left in the mixes where keyboards/pianos/synths could really put a lot more life into the whole sound.

if you are interested at all, just let us know, either on this post....or you can email my at that's also my msn addy aswell, and im usually online!

whether or not vocals that will work will ever come along...we dont know, but once the search for keys is over......we will have more to play with in our current material and material to come.

Ali - Bassist

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one of our mellow tracks    

"Heavy Delay" » Progressive 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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a more diverse example of our material