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Udi Glaser

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Udi Glaser
Udi Glaser Bio:

Udi is an accomplished Guitarist, Educated Musician, Composer, and Experienced music Tutor.

Originally from Israel and now based in London, Udi has dedicated his life to music, beginning with the guitar 17 years ago, and has since then gone on to attain a B.A. in Musicology and a Sound Control certificate. He has also been teaching music and guitar both as a private tutor and in music schools and centers for the past 6 years. Udi is currently involved in different music projects and ensembles in which he plays diverse guitar styles ranging from the soft emotional classical guitar, i.e. part of the musical duo UDIO, through the sultry Latin melodies, i.e. in his Latin-rock band BEFORE TIME, to the virtuoso distortion sound of electric guitar, i.e. the lead guitarist of the progressive - rock band MAQAMA (debut album of same title).

'Through The Glass' - Udi's debut album (out now), is a collection of his original compositions for classical guitar, a unique blend of caressing, and even therapeutic sounds in an exceptional fusion of Spanish, Ethnic, Classical, World-Music and a hint of Jazz guitar, wafting over sounds of the four elements of nature (water, wind, fire, and earth).