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Jay Roosevelt

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Jay Roosevelt
Jay Roosevelt Bio:

Getting up at the age of 14, Jay Roosevelt loved listening to Hip-Hop and some underground rap

music. Music kept him alive and busy in school work and continuation of being a rapper. Jay and

his cousin got together and started getting beats from the internet and not knowing how to make

beats o their own. Both made lyrics for each other and practiced how to rap and which vocals suit

their attire. The rapping career did not stick with Jay for long till he stopped rapping and go on

with his life. Jay was not the popular kid in school or even the rich kid on the block. Jay always

wanted to make money and live the American dream. Jay Roosevelt always loved to listen to his

favorite artist such as Three 6 Mafia, Ludacris, Lord Infamous, and Lil Wayne. Those artists were

an inspiration to him and began rapping again. Triple Six Mafia also known as Three 6 Mafia was

Jay's Favorite major artist he loved listening to, since the age of 12. Jay came back and got his

skills again and began rapping, (and im not going to quit I am dedicated to the rap game. and

being a rapper is my occupation. No matter if I am underground and unsigned, music is my life.)

His direct spoken words from Jay Roosevelt him self. Now he will continue to be a rapper for the

rest of his life. Knowing that the media will still be alive, no one can ever take music away from


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