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Rise 2 Brutality

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Rise 2 Brutality
Rise 2 Brutality Bio:

LISTEN TO OUR TRACKS @ Hailing from Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area, Rise II Brutality delivers a vocal attack so brutal, it will rip your face off!! This line up captures an orginal sound that places them uniquely into the Metal/Metal Core/Death Metal genre. "We deliver growls giving a positive message! Take it as this, this is METAL so eat it and get crushed by it!" Rise ll Brutality formed in 2005 By Nick Pagano and Larry Wilkins. Variouse line-up changes have been made in the band since its birth but is now finale. Adam Harder(drums) has been replaced by Mike Brozozski. Current lineup: Jeff Zerin:vocals, Nick Pagano:guitar, JD:guitar, Will Purifoy:bass, Mike Brozozski:percussion/keyboard. Rise ll Brutality is currently unsigned. Be yourself, stand up strong for what you believe in and never let anyone take you away from your destiny. For all booking, press and contact info: or message us from our myspace page.