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Brand New Album
OUT NOW !...
Orange Jules - OUT OF THE BLUE

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Orange Jules - OUT OF THE BLUE
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Successful Emerging Songwriter
Fine Crafted Lyric Tunes & Great Music
from Jules Makk ... ©2009

album review ...

Multi instrumentalist ~ Songwriter / Producer ~ Jules Makk.....
strums a guitar at night & flies a hang glider on the weekends, challenging
the vast expanse of the blue sky to take him somewhere.

“The world sure looks different from 10,000 ft.”

it’s his song writing perspective of the world, feet firmly on the ground,
that showcases his unique view of who we are.

it is the positive radiance of an Orange sun in an endless Blue horizon.
fuels his precision energised acoustic / electric gtrs,
Sparkling 6 & 12 string acoustic gtr fingerpicked styles,
intertwine with blazing solar flares of electric gtrs,
sharply focused lyric & melodic songs from this ,.... eye in the sky.

“You really see the world differently from way up there

Opening songs “Out of the Blue” & “Really good 2 C U” are positive &
upbeat, with cheeky fun song “Odd Days” & funky danceable “Flowers”
a bright introduction to Jules colourful approach to music arranging.
“Pictures” & “On the Coast” takes a scenic tour of our beautiful world
before the emotional tide turns at halfway through, with the incisive
power ballad “Casting Shadows” asking , what is reality & illusion ?

The album then flows into more serious & compelling reports on
human adversities, with sympathetic insights on our most vulnerable hurts.
“I Spy” & “Empty” are indepth comments on human frailties ,
whereas the wounds of the spirit exposed in “Rosies” & “Shannon”
plead for love, community action & some good common sense.

One last bright moment of hope in the romantically moving “She’s Shining”
before plunging headlong into a progressively more forceful & intense
“Warned about the Weather” pointing the bone at foolhardiness, with a
climactic finish in “Storm” ( thunder/lightning inc.) a reproval on the
evil affronts of war. All up, Jules is a formidable technician & creative artist.

All songs on “Out of the blue” are delivered purposefully & passionately.

Testament to his 3 decade poetic & musical journey,
having put in the miles to learn all aspects
of song writing craft & sound production, before taking his dream to the
market place. Orange Jules ~ “Out of the Blue” is now the first of many
albums already nearing completion, with a guarantee to retain his high
standard of quality & imaginative tunesmithing.

It’s an impressive first step to a boldly burgeoning career.

Jules in the STUDIO ...

Jules has a consistent track record for placing songs in the top ten of
the national song writing competitions ( 6 years in a row ) with special
awards for his funny & educational childrens songs, which are currently
making a vital difference to many developing lives in kindergardens
& child minding centres, every week throughout Australia.

Excel Music Studio, his creative workspace based in Brisbane Queensland
is home to a small but resourceful music production & record producing facility
ph 04 11 10 10 10

“I love to manifest dreams & ideas , into reality ”

check out Album Sampler - Jules Current Album
Orange Jules - OUT OF THE BLUE

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