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Deefons Bio:

Once upon the late 1990s, before the internet made the world a smaller place, in the isolation of a tiny mining town called Kirkland Lake, a group of kids got together and called themselves The Deefons. Shane came from Swank and Cragmatic Pope. YeTI, Ty and Marco came from Harem. They were named for the family of imaginary friends that one member had as a child. The imaginary Deefons lived in a pile of hay down the alley sometime in the early 1980s. The musical Deefons recorded two albums. "Clippings From The Edge of The Road" was recorded in August 1998 in a small basement studio using the $1200 they had made playing in a bar before the most of them were old enough to be there. "Sunset" was recorded by Ryan (of Cragmatic Pope and Groundstate) in his basement in August 1999 with a 4-track and a couple of Pentium (1) computers. Since 2009 much of their music has been available for free online.

The Deefons:
Shane Willard: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
YeTI : Bass, Guitar
Tyler Tessier: Guitar, Bass
Marc Milot: Drums (Clippings)
Ben Gardiner: Drums (Sunset)
Jen McLenaghan: Keyboards/Vocals (Clippings)
Hugh Dogg: Live Keys/contributing songwriter (Sunset era)

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