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Summer Time Romantic

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Summer Time Romantic
Summer Time Romantic Bio:

While planning a consistently creative career in music, Summer Time Romantic; real name Josh Watkins, reaches out to those who have and haven't been through experiences similar to the situations Josh has put in his songs. Experimenting with different styles of music, Josh has decided to stick with an acoustic pop/rock sound. Coming straight from the Cleveland, Ohio region, Summer Time Romantic plans on traveling all around the East Coast of the United States to spread his music.

In the process of writing his first album; “Love and Heartbreak”, Josh is going for deep impacting songs that are written solely based on love and heartbreak, although there are a few songs that are diverse from the theme of the album. The majority of his songs that have been written over the past six months are acoustic guitar, but perhaps a few piano songs along with violin will spice things up. In the spring of 2009, a demo containing six full length songs will be downloadable for free for a limited amount of time on, and

Over the past two years, Josh has become increasingly involved with his music, and after seven years of playing guitar, has written over three full length albums. But just recently, Josh has decided to take a newer, more efficient path to becoming successful in the music industry. A change in direction anywhere from the way he views music, to the way he writes music. He wants to reach out to people who have potential to be something great. “A dark light can turn the stars bright”, from his song, “Black into White”, is a simple explanation of how someone that is barely noticed can make an impact on the world.

“Success lies behind the hole in my wall” and "Music is the outcome to every failure I make", are quotes Josh Watkins stated and came up with when describing the way he writes his music. By this quote he means that every area that lacks success in his life, he puts in his music to create success in it. For every bad event that occurs, there is a great outcome in return; success in music.