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David Hayes

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David Hayes
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Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming whether you're a friend or fan!! Let's see....about me...I've had a lifelong passion for music. I've been lucky enough to be a solo performance artist for over fifteen years now, and I try to use my music to convey my life experiences, travels, and passion for an active lifestyle. I am an avid surfer, traveler, and board sports athlete, and could not LIVE without music. I try to draw from my experiences on the road and in the water to create music that tells a story and is emotionally relevant to my experiences. I have now been featured on radio shows in the Midwestern United States, and have had the opportunity to play for thousands on college campuses, charity events, and music festivals, but I love nothing more than an intimate setting for a performance, which allows me to interact directly with my friends and fans. I am also available for house parties and private bookings. In September, 2007, I released my latest indie solo album, a sixteen song jewel entitled Peace and Waves. The album is now available at, iTunes, and Hasting's Music Stores.

!! UPDATE!! I have wrapped filming for "Unchained Melody" and have completed recording for the soundtrack. You can now find "Unchained Melody" and David Hayes on,, and my myspace page. Support indie music! Buy or burn "Peace and Waves" and come see me at a venue near you!!! Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support and interest