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Midas Effect

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Midas Effect
Midas Effect Bio:

Six guys one passion. The passion to create Rock 'n' Roll music as it was always ment to be:

True. Ambitious. Not compromising.

After splitting up with their old bands Denis (Guitar), Marcus (Guitar) and Christian (Drums) who already played together in different projects - 6th Avenue, Response, Jinx for Jerx, hausnorris... - decided to found Midas Effect in Summer 2007.
A few months later Tobias (Bass) from Andorra Atkins - former Kill.Kim.Novak - joined the Band. Zlatko (Synth Guitar) who was also involved in 6th Avenue and Winter Recordings completed the instrumental section.
After months of looking for the one sound reflecting what Midas Effect means within Rock 'n' Roll, Tanja filled the last gap with an emotional but strong voice.

In September 2008 the first demo EP was recorded which can be heard on the bands website: - and many more...

Currently the band is working on their first album release and looking for professional support and shows.

FRESH AND NEW PROMOSONGS online... Band is searching for a label... posted: 28 Aug 2008 12:50 PM
the first 3 PROMOsongs from the mewcomer band Midas Effect from germany - Frankfurt a. Main. the band Midas Effect is searching for a label. contact: the songs: here ( (best mp3-quality)