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Letitia Lindeque

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Letitia Lindeque
Letitia Lindeque Bio:

Letitia was born with a song in her heart, in East London, South Africa. She immigrated to New Zealand in 2011.

Letitia was blessed to have been born into a musical family and was exposed to many different musical styles at a young age. Her love for music progressed naturally and she learned how to play piano and keyboard “by ear” when she was very young. She took piano and music theory lessons to grade 4 in high school where she was also choir leader for 2 years. She started composing her own songs at age 15 and has progressed as a composer and lyricist in various genres.

Letitia has had both classical and contemporary vocal training and has performed live on numerous occasions performing both her own compositions as well as "cover versions" of other artists' material. She collaborated with artists, did backing vocals as well as “voice-over” work for radio advertisements. She also started vocal coaching, teaching the techniques she acquired as a singer, songwriter and musician.

Letitia describes her musical style as “varied” (adult contemporary). She composes songs in genres such as acoustic, blues, soft rock, pop, easy listening, dance, Christian contemporary and electro. A lot of her material is a combination of different genres and sounds drawn from her inspirations.

Letitia focuses on lyrics and melody and enjoys taking the listener on a musical journey. Her warm, soulfully smooth voice and her ability to portray emotion in her music attests to her love for both singing and songwriting.

Letitia describes herself as being “a passionate person who believes that music carries with it a tiny echo of the creator’s soul”.