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Magna Saga

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Magna Saga
Magna Saga Bio:

Magna Saga are gathering something of a following around this here Isle, generating interest from press and public alike. There performaces have seen them tour with The Subways, support such bands as Mondo Generator, The Draytones and The Noisettes and recently recieve a nomination for best live act at this years Indy Awards

'It is evident where some of the bands influences lie – at times, the vocals from Tom Cameron range from the guttural to the downright tortured, getting a grungy rock feel in many respects comparable to an early Nirvana, whilst the band’s often high tempo playing and sense of urgency is not too distant from The Mars Volta. Also definitely worthy of a shout is the structural complexity in John Deal’s bass playing akin to a certain Muse, while Dean Deal’s impressive capacity for drumming is reminiscent of any successful rock outfit you care to mention (I’m going to go for shades of Jimmy Chamberlin out of Smashing Pumpkins!).'

'Whilst they have these influences in their artillery, the emergent properties of Magna Saga are something quite distinctive. The band produces a sound that is uniquely brooding, and at times, plain dark and sinister, typified by the bands use of diminished and chromatic melodies.'