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RicRoc Bio:

Ricardo de Jesus, born in the North part of Portugal. Raised and grew up in Long Island, NY, USA.

Raised in a multi cultured environment he has developed a multi cultured style within the Hip Hop world.
His hidden talent was first brought to the attention of a Swedish producer, Håkan Lidbo, who produced and published an album which was released in 52 countries 1997, and is still playing around the world.

He worked under the name Ricky Ricardo.

Since then he has developed and grown further and is now producing his own music in his home studio.

Ricardo has translated his own experiences from the NY streets and traveling the world, into his own words and rhymes, and put it into the music.

Ricardo has also performed as a MC in nightclubs, blues/jazz bars in Stockholm, Sweden.
He has also performed in nightclubs in and around Portugal, as well as Spain.

With his Swedish producers he has gone “off track” for fun and completed a few House tracks. But in reality Ricardo´s heart is within Hip Hop and R n´B. Though he can freestyle and perform to any type of music, his Auto Biography is after all lived on the streets among gangs in NY, Rap/Hip Hop R n´B is where he can express himself at his best.

Ricardo sees the importance in understanding the World music and is therefore very open minded towards music.

Some of his old tracks are partly about a hardcore life, very cold thoughts about life and big question marks about where is this world going and what are for example the USA presidents going to do about it? The other part, newer Ricardo is humble. His lyrics are intelligent, witty, and philosophical at times, and there is at times an under meaning with his message to the people out there.

His aim with the music is to share what he went through, share what he feels about the world, as well as motivate others to follow his steps, as so many other artists.
His own words are – If you want it to any price – you will have to get it for any price too.
And Ricardo didn´t get here by luck, he have traveled and lived in many countries; USA, Cuba, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and England to get as much information about cultures and people.
He speaks several languages fluently, as well as raps in all these languages.

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