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Having been standing at the top of the Australian music scene for the past three years, hard rockers Jael have their sights set on taking America by storm.

With a performance that needs to be heard to be believed. Jael comes to America with what is described as 'Nu Rock'. Featuring infectious vocals, driving guitars and euphoric synthesized effects that meld into an intense atmosphere. Jaels's distinct sound never fails to spawn a sonic infection inside the minds of their fans.

As a distinguished headline artist in Australia Jael's accolades include the prestigious Best International Artist and Best Overall Band Performance at the New York Independent Music Festival (2005). Reachout TV's Best Foreign Artist (GMA week 2007). numerous listings in the OZ Rock top 100 and several number one radio singles. Jael's gig history encompasses many prolific events such as Cornerstone, Millennium Music Festival, AGMF, Woodstock Australia and Atlantafest and sharing the stage with such acts as Flyleaf (A&M), Toby Mac (EMI), Pillar (Sony Provident), Day of Fire (Provident), 12 Stones (Wind-up Records) and G.R.I.T.S (Revolution Art).

JAEL intends to place their mark firmly on the US music scene with a positive message leaving audiences transformed and gasping for more.

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