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South85 Bio:

With roots deep in the Carolinas, South85 blends country, folk, southern rock, and bluegrass to give you a listening experience that you won't soon forget. Driven by the original songwriting of Kathy Osborne and the voice of Tracy Wyatt, South85 is in a classification all their own - radio worthy songs along with an atmosphere of a back-porch jam. Named South85 for their origins along the southern interstate in South Carolina, the band chose this name because no matter where they travel, they know they will always take South I-85 back home.

The marked “cowgirl” attitude and lifestyle exemplified by both Tracy and Kathy is interwoven throughout songs of independence, celebration of the south, hope, and plain old fun. South85’s sound is influenced by southern rock legends like Marshall Tucker Band, the Black Crowes, cross-genre Americana artists Old Crowe Medicine Show, Gillian Welch, and the sweet southern classics such as Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. The band may blend a rocking electric telecaster with a banjo or ease an acoustic ballad with dobro and mandolin with their varied sounds and themes. Cover songs the band performs include those by these artists and more in the country and southern rock vein.

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Our new single off our debute CD, El Camino, May 2008!    

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