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Andy Grant

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Andy Grant
Andy Grant Bio:

Andy Grant plays an original, rootsy mixture of Blues, Rock and Jazz on guitar, vocal and stompbox. After fleeing a job in a South African gold mine, Andy made ends meet playing his music on street corners from Melbourne to Copenhagen. When playing live he incorporates growly vocals, infectious rhythms and guitar skills that turn the devil green. He self released Spirals, an album of tripped-out guitar instrumentals in 2003. Andy’s new CD Hole in the Sky, this time a collection of songs, is to be released in April 2008.

HOLE IN THE SKY posted: 01 Apr 2008 06:38 AM
HOLE IN THE SKY HOLE IN THE SKY: ANDY GRANT Andy Grant performs dynamic acoustic songs with infectious riffs, bluesy vocals and astounding guitar work. His live shows never fail to entertain whether as a solo performer on acoustic guitar, vocals and stompbox, or when fronting ‘The Andy Grant Trio’, backed by double bass and drums. Andy’s new release, ‘Hole in the Sky’ (2008), is an 11 track collection of original songs that celebrates the human state of being, questions the decisions made on our behalf and instils our hope for the future, all delivered in a raw, funky and inflective way. His first release ‘Spirals’, an album of tripped-out guitar instrumentals was released in 2003 to wide acclaim described as “thoughtful, persuasive, and altogether hugely recommended” by the Dorset Echo. This debut led to a successful promotional tour, with a sell-out launch night at Dorchester Arts Centre. With a sound that has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, Andy Grant has performed in venues the world over - from Copenhagen to Melbourne, and numerous gigs closer to home including appearances at The Larmer Tree and Trowbridge Pump festivals. Andy has a wide and loyal fan base and is respected as an accomplished musician and songwriter, both locally and farther afield. ‘Hole in the Sky’ is a must have purchase for all those who appreciate a damn good tune from an artist who is heading for greatness in 2008. Hole in the sky is available from and