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Demond Robinson

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Demond Robinson
Demond Robinson Bio:

One of the brightest young talents on the music scene today, Demond Robinson has stepped beyond traditional Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship music to create one of the most unique and pleasing sounds to come along in some time. It is a reverberation rich with a unique blend of cultural and musical influences.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Demond's first musical encounters came as a byproduct of growing up in the church. Though his parents came from a Baptist background, they raised their two boys in a charismatic church where the depths of worship were experienced on a weekly basis. This caused Demond to understand at an early age the impact music can have on the spirit. Growing up during a time when Michael Jackson and Prince were dominating the Pop scene, Rap music was becoming more than a fad, and Grunge was poised to take over the '80s Hair Bands, has given Demond a fondness for tight melodies, clean vocals, punchy guitars, and penetrating lyrics.

Inspired by his musical hero's Demond began to learn as many instruments as he could get his hands on. He picked up piano and trumpet as a youngster before being lured to the guitar during is college days. He soon picked up bass and drums and can be found playing every instrument heard on his debut release SuperVision.

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