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The Dangerous Kitchen

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The Dangerous Kitchen
The Dangerous Kitchen Bio:

I'll be putting stuff onto Myspace -
Any of my tunes that drop out of the to 40 of the genre that it's placed will be removed and replaced. If that song needs a make over, then so be it, it may return, it may not.....
Take it easy and keep walkin' on the wildside

The artist formally known as " Tigga the d*ckh*ad ".
I finally got my act together and built a small home studio. Firstly i would like to point out that I do not profess to be any kind of singer, but i am a good musician though. For a time i was deliberating with the notion of packing it all in, but over the last few years i've written what i would call my best yet ( i think ) and the new stuff is getting better. I believe that they are very good songs, and with the right kind of production they would be great songs. I am on the lookout for someone to sing on these recordings and others that are in the pipeline. Male or female, i can't decide. But i do know that it will not be me singing on all of the songs as my voice is just not suitable. So i'll just keep plodding on. I would also like to state that, some of these songs have been on this site before. This is my new guise.

The Dangerous Kitchen - please beware because the water is gonna' cut ya'.

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This is the final mix before i ruin it anymore. Any listeners, your comments would be nice, as constructive criticism goes a long way.    

"Keep bouncin' on ( Sexyarse!!! )" » Pop Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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The ones that could disclocate shoulder blades, oh yeah!    

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I wouldn't mind trying a female vocal over this one, but no takers as of now. I keep bouncin on 23 Aug 08