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Zach Hillyard Band

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Zach Hillyard Band
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Wesley Cole Switzer, former bass player for ZHB, is currently working on his own projects in the San Diego and LA areas.

ZHB Named Best Band in New England-Wins $5,000 From OurStage posted: 31 Mar 2008 10:12 PM
ZHB Named Best Band in New England-Wins $5,000 From OurStage February was a great month for the guys in the Zach Hillyard Band! A new online site, held a special competition called "College Clash" for bands in the New England area. Each band in the competition was required to have at least one member enrolled in an area college. All of the guys in ZHB are current or former students of Berklee College of Music in Boston so they entered the battle! The site of the online competition is particularly interesting as the listener must listen to 15 seconds of each song in any particular genre - then vote for either - with the degree of their preference. Don't we all love to vote! The band turned out great numbers in the competition...but ultimately was picked by the staff to compete with three other bands at the final showdown. The crowd voted at the end of the show with their ticket stubs being tossed in to a guitar case- ZHB was victorious! Five thousand bucks sure helps with the band's expenses!!