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Lonerock Bio:

Lonerock is a danish country band playing entirely own material. NO COVERS!!!!

The songs are inspired by the highways, the people and the legends of America, mixed with the tone and the traditions of Scandinavia. The music is a blend of country, singer/songwriter and a modern rock sound.

Lonerock Is Country Pop That Rocks!!!

The story of Lonerock began in 2006 when the two musical brothers-in-arms Erik Preetzmann and Frank Jensen, after a break of 21(!) years, took up writing music together again. And, like before, under the motto:"Don't bore us, get to the chorous".
With a handfull of newly written songs, they started working in their home recording studio, and were joined in their work by Thomas Beck; a talented young guitarist, who plays anything that got six strings attached. That kicked the songs in a new direction, sounding more and more like modern country pop/rock.
Luckily they came accross Lasse Frimodt from the Danish top Country-act, Both Kinds. Adding his wonderful steel guitar and dobro to the songs did the trick. A brand new country band was born!!!!!

But why the name Lonerock?
We were looking for a bandname that sounded like a country band, but at same time would indicate a pop/rock attitude - and then we discovered Lonerock. Lonerock is a small town in Oregon, US. - located about 20 miles east of Condon on an unmarked gravel road branching off Highway 206. We are talking deep country here. Beeing an old settlers place, it tells so many stories of America now and then. A great name for a country band!!

In autumn of 2007 we desided to go public with our songs, so what you hear on this site is our first songs, but we'll promise it will not be the last!!! A lot more songs are yet to come, and we are woking hard in the studio for the moment. So please come back from time to time to check out our latest songs.


Lonerock is inspired by Brad Paisley, Jo Dee Messina, Keith Urban, Phil Vassar and Shania Twain.

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