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alek acero

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alek acero
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Hi! Alek Acero is a Housy project for dancefloors and beach parties....Positive sound for happy people! Just listen to my tracks and have fun! House Music !! Peace!

Alek Acero...Elektro Builder at Work posted: 13 Jun 2004 04:55 AM
"Alek Acero" is the Funiest project that I've ever done. I'm Florent F. and I began to produce Elektronic music on 1993. 1996 - 1999 : I started the project "Solaris" & "Solaris sytem", minimal techno, hard techno and trance music. "Solaris" was only for playing Live and gave me some greats nights participating to club parties and raves with majors Djs & Live sets from all the countries. 2000 - 2002 : after some changes in my life I stopped producing music. But 6 monthes after one of my buddy ask me for a Duet. So we began to collab and achieve "Quentin Sun" project, released 1 Cd " Elektronik Vibes" and 1 Vinyl "Oh Ah" ( rotations records) But I really wanted to produce House Music. So... 2002 : Alek Acero was born....Pumpin house for happy people...

News posted: 07 Jul 2004 09:17 AM
04/2004 : "With or Without" by MdMachine (Alek Acero remix) 01/05/2004 : "Around me" on Cd compilation Timeless Reverb (icephixia production - south africa) 06/2004 : Timeless reverb re-mastered and powered by DSR ( On sale on cafepress) 06/2004 : Live Act " Beach Session" ( on the's was cool) 07/2004 : Live Act "Hot tension" (Club - France) to be realeased : 07/2004 : one new track on CD comp 07/2004 : New remix but of a trance artist this time!