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The story entitled Purpose For The Pain was all it took to inspire Erik Alexander to begin the project that would eventually become allshewrote. "Stories of kids committing suicide, going through depression, or anything along those lines, genuinely tugs at me." says Alexander. "After simply hearing that story, and knowing the things that I know, I couldn't stay quiet." Winter of 2009 Alexander sat down and began writing. Filled with inspiration and vision, the music came naturally. "I wanted to make the music as fun as it was to write it." A couple songs later, John Easterly, Andrew Serino, Zach Reinhart, and Grafton Jones joined, not only completing the record but also the band. With a vision of bringing hope to kids like Renee Yohe, allshewrote was ready to go. The band then headed into the studio to record their debut EP allshewrote "On Ice." Simply by glancing at the song names, its obvious that "On Ice" is a record meant to put a smile on the listeners face. "We all wanted this to be a fun, happy, and positive record. The world isn't that way, so we wanted to share a little of what we receive from God." -John Easterly. Recorded with producer Aiden Franklin (blessthefall, dear whoever), and mixed and mastered by engineer Neil Engle (Alesana, Emarosa), the debut EP allshewrote "On Ice" is set to be out August 12; which will surely make you dance, whether by fighting the air or busting out the glow sticks. This is going to be a dance party.

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