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Visperas Bio:

Visperas were formed in the city of Edinburgh in 2005. It also started when guitarist Alan Gilliland-Patterson (AGP) and singer/guitarist Luke Austin got together and started jammin' together and experimenting musically to see what would happen. After a while some serious songs and melodies started to be created and so they decided to form the band Visperas. They then auditioned many bassist's and drummers until they found Victor Chen (bass) and Adam Ley-Lange (drums). Since then they have been creating new and exciting melodic rock and are having a great time in the process.

Influences include many bands and styles as we all come from different background but we all relate to one thing Rock music and that is evident in the sheer finesse and fiery passion of there music. The main influences come from Incubus, Mars Volta, Muse, Tool, Red Hot Chilli Peppers but their sound is very distinct and original.

Visperas have a real passion and drive and love performing and sharing there creations with their fans, Visperas are workin hard recording and gigging.

Line Up-
Luke Austin-Vocals and Guitar
Alan Gilliland-Patterson(AGP)-Lead Guitar
Victor Chen-Bass Guitar
Adam Ley-Lange- Drums and percussion

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Gemini is in basic form a prog rock/metal song. It has 4 basic parts when stripped down- The intro, verse, chorus and bridge. The verses are the chillout and emotional sections which build-up and explode into the powerful chorus where Austin(vocals) gives it his all. Musically, the bridge is the most interesting part which has a kind unsettled feel due to the modal quality which has been used. The song concludes with a ringing out D chord.    

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