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Doing Essay Drafts

What is the best way to start writing an essay?

How do you overcome writer's block?

What are some tips from essay writing service reddit to make the writing process easier?

Have you ever wondered why it is that just when you need to think of a ‘perfect’ opening sentence, you start thinking about what you're going to have for dinner? Or you remember a friend you were supposed to call … or one of a million little things which distract you from writing that perfect opening line. Although it can be very frustrating to your creative process, it's no surprise that such thoughts pop into your head. You have probably been busy all day and this is the first time you've sat down amidst some peace and quiet. Since you have some time to think and reflect, your brain takes the opportunity to remind you of all these other important matters. They are important, but that won't help you to get started on your essay. This guide will help you to get started on writing your essay by showing you some ways to transfer your notes to your first essay drafts.

Stuck for words: Overcoming writer's block

Most authors will tell you that the trick to overcoming writer's block is to write something each day, even if you feel it's not your best effort. However, mind mapping can help you to avoid staring at a blank page. We met the process of mind mapping earlier, where it was helpful in planning an essay. Mind mapping is also an effective and rapid technique for dealing with writer's block by clearing the ‘clutter’ out of your mind.

What's on your mind? Using mind mapping to clear the clutter from your mind

Here's how mind mapping can help. Once again, start with an idea in a bubble in the centre of a blank page. Write down all the unwanted thoughts in your head as they flow out. Write down whatever you are thinking or that comes to mind.

Once all of these thoughts are down on paper, you can trust that they won't disappear; they can now be dismissed from your conscious mind. This leaves room for you to focus on your essay. Keep your mind map close by, just in case any more stray thoughts pop into your head that you might need to add. Once you have set aside these thoughts, refer to your essay plan and your notes to start the creative process.

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