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Total Movement

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Total Movement
Total Movement Bio:

Total Movement are bringing a fresh and distinctive sound to the modern music scene. Tight grooves and enchanting melodies combine to create a unique atmosphere that is guaranteed to grip you. The bands recently completed EP is a collection of five original tracks mixing euphoric dance elements with contemporary rock. Written by Paul and Alan Mansford, and amazingly produced by Ollie Balman, this debut EP gives a glowing impression of what this rising and talented band has to offer.

Total Movement began in 2005 when twin brothers Paul (Vocals) and Alan Mansford (Bass) moved to London to study Music Performance. After writing and arranging their initial five songs they moved to the studio with Producer/Guitarist Ollie Balman and drummer James Field to record their EP. After performing in London venues throughout the summer of 2006, Total Movement started work on their full-length studio album ..Halo.., collaborating with industry professionals from around the country. The albums release is expected in Spring 2007

"48 Moons" » Progressive 4 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Originally written as an intrumental dance track by TM guitarist Olly Balman, this song has evolved into a full on rock masterpiece.    

"Shift Away" » Pop Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This is the last track on our recently completed EP, it is suitably chilled out and relaxing, with awesomely melodic vocals!