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Thrown to the Wolves

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Thrown to the Wolves
Thrown to the Wolves Bio:

Released in Spring, 2007, Despondency is the third full length independent CD release of Thrown to the Wolves. Often described as melodic dark-alternative or melodic hard-rock, Despondency is fully stacked with eight diverse tracks. From the opening hard pop track, “Hidden Within” to the introspective and powerful “Nullified”, the disparate tracks touch on relevant subject matter from the personal to the political. The sound itself, of Thrown to the Wolves, is driving harmonious guitars backed by an original and solid rhythm section. Dirge’s haunting vocals are reminiscent of classic alternative roots, being compared to David Usher of Moist or Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. As a live act, Thrown to the Wolves is able to easily duplicate and even improve on their studio tracks. Young, talented, and hungry, live performances are an inspiring motivator for the band. With over fifty original songs, Thrown to the Wolves are anxious to return to the studio to record their fourth full length CD.

Formed in Western New York in 1999 by original band members and high school friends Dirge and Cassick, Thrown to the Wolves has grown in substance and style over the past several years. With the welcoming of Joey Clark’s funk-styled bass playing, as well as Ken Culton’s eclectic percussion, Thrown to the Wolves is ready to cause a stir in the international music scene.

The sound of Thrown to the Wolves has been compared to a range of great music acts of the last thirty years: from A Perfect Circle to VAST, from Nine Inch Nails to Pink Floyd, Thrown to the Wolves encapsulates the sound of the past, the present, and perhaps most importantly, the future of Rock ‘n Roll.

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A tragic love song set during a Class III Zombie Outbreak...
... a couple flees from the horde of zombies descending upon them...
...... finding shelter in an abandoned building......
... she’s been bitten and is slowly dying in his arms...
...... he watches helplessly as the love of his life turns...
... and rather than being apart...
...... he decides to succumb...
... and now she’s the love of his undeath.

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This isn't a democracy
The people's voices do not carry
Elected by majority
Will only result in calamity
Corruption in bureaucracy
Drove the people to exact equality
The flames sparked by hypocrisy
Burned away at absolute authority